DIY Escape Room. Built by You.

Everything you need to design and run your 1st escape room party with friends

How much effort do you want to put in?

Download a ready to play kit

This kit comes with everything you need to run your very own escape room game. 

Simply print it out and you're ready to go

Use a DIY Template

All the building blocks you need to design, construct and launch your very own escape room

Choose your favorite challenges and piece them together however you like

Start from Scratch

Jump right in at the deep end!

You'll find epic how-to guides, clever ciphers, fun puzzles, team activities, and wacky escape room theme ideas that will liven up the the party

How to design an epic escape room

When you've had a legendary experience at an escape room there's nothing more exciting than designing and running one of your own

This design phase is a mix of creativity, planning, and the search for the perfect puzzle challenge! To get started check out the Blueprint for crafting your 1st escape room or jump straight to what you're after:

Download a ready to play escape kit

Save time building your 1st escape room by printing this 100% ready to play game (just print and play!)

It's a treasonous mission set in the future where players take down the World Governments W.A.R Facility before it's operational...

Can you do it?

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