Escape Quest.

Party Kit.

Transform your next kids party into a time travel escape room adventure. Ready to print and play.

45 mins

3-8 Players

Easy. Great for kids.

This printable game kit transforms your house into a time travel themed escape room perfect for a kids party. You set the difficulty and can even customize the entire game before printing.

Setting up is super easy. Just download the game kit and print the clue cards as standard 4x6 photos (just like you would family photos). Alternatively, you can print the game on A4 paper, however, you won't get that nice glossy look photos have.

Before the party, follow the step by step instructions to place the clues around your home and garden. When the kids arrive everything's set up so there's no need to stress about getting everything done at once.

You, or another adult, will guide the kids through the game by following the simple story cards included in the kit.

All up, it takes about 45 mins to complete and is an amazing focus for any party.

Download the kit

Puzzle cards are beautifully designed

Comes with everything you need for the party.

Print The Clues

Printing as photos makes great clue cards

Print as normal 4x6 photos or A4. Looks amazing and super easy.

Easy 20 Min Setup

Easy setup instructions.

Perfectly designed for kids parties. It's easy and fun. 😉

Designed Just For Kids

Unfortunately, there just aren't many easy escape games for kids. While a few providers are starting to make family-friendly experiences most are about creating an immersive challenge for adults (which is why we love them so much.

This easy escape game kit bridges that gap and allows you to craft a super rewarding experience for your crew. The puzzles have been designed with this goal in mind and are ideally suited to kids under 12 years old.

It's great for:

  • Kids parties.
  • Family activity at home.
  • Teachers to run with their class at school.
  • Summer camps and other getaways.
  • Youth groups.


iPad combination puzzle raccoon

Escape Quest is split into 6 chapters spread across different times in earth's history. While the 1st chapter is very easy each room unlocks new and exciting puzzle types. This allows younger kids to have a go while enabling the older ones to still experience a rewarding challenge suited to their age.

Note: the 6 chapters are modular so if you feel the last few are too difficult simply leave them out.

Most of the puzzles in Escape Quest involve scavenging for clues and joining the dots together. This allows 6-year-olds and 13-year-olds to both enjoy the same game since you'll be the one hiding the clues around your home. By stashing a few in higher, or harder, places everyone gets to have a go with fewer arguments. 😉

Note: This game's designed for young kids so if you've got teenagers I'd recommend this game instead -> Grand Theft Antimatter.

Example from Deborah's Party.

You get to choose how much effort you put into prep.

Although the Escape Quest kit is a complete game, that's ready to print and play, it's a lot of fun to customize (and super easy).

It comes with the editable game template so you can adjust anything.

Here's what Deborah did for her party:

Top customizations:

  • Use real life boxes and locks to replace the printed ones.
  • Add mini-games.
  • Use props like real chocolate.
Chocolate puzzle.

We had 7 boys aged 11/12 who were a good group (up for the challenge and wanted to do it properly).

To make it exciting my husband dressed up as the Indian leader and waited in the garden for them. I blindfolded them all and they held onto each other like a train to go round to the garden for their first mission.

After the outdoor round, we moved into the kitchen for the making chocolate challenge. I stuck the cards onto some items like the milk in the fridge, a toy goat, some branches. Favourite was putting the cocoa card on the Cocopops. They were especially happy to dive into the big chocolate bar they got as loot for this round.

Expand the full story

To make the next room more challenging we closed the shutters, so the room went dark. After giving the kids a torch each (which they took home with them) it was a lot harder. To make it more fun, I'd set a real padlock which is especially hard to solve in the dark.

For the art room, I messed up a small room, used a real blank canvas, brushes and hid the parts of the puzzle inside balloons and blew up lots of other balloons. It didn't take them long to work it out, but they thought that was cool and popped them (some of them hated the popping which made it even more fun for the rest!) This was great except for the talking picture which I thought was a bit silly, but the boys just went along with it and didn't mind.

Then we went up to the next room - we used red wool and made my son's room into a darkly lit laser room. As the challenge was finding a gun and cartridge, we used Nerf guns and stuck the cards on them before hiding them in the room. They had a splendid time and we did the Mannequin Challenge while we were in there which worked well!

The final room I did in the bathroom just because it was small and a weird place for lots of boys to be in together. I also set a padlock for this one, and they found the magic potion - which was a small bottle of colored water.

Although I don't think it had the same time limit feeling of an escape room, they really enjoyed it and felt like it challenged them enough.

Printing it as photos definitely made it look professional, so I'm glad I spent that extra rather than printing it at home. Would have loved to do something with dry ice with them, afterwards, but nowhere near me to get hold of it. They were quite happy to have a game of soccer instead.

Spotify Theme Music

No DIY escape game is complete without themed background music. This Spotify playlist has 3 songs for each of the rooms in the challenge.

For example, the Bored Dinosaur challenge has Tribal Drumming whereas Future Hackers is all about quirky synth.

When you start the game just open up Spotify and hit play on the first song. Then skip/back depending on how fast the crew is going.

Common Questions

Where's my download?

Where's my download?

Gmail is so good at trapping things inside the Spam and Trash folders that sometimes even my escape room kits can't find their way out! Try their first.

Additionally, you can redownload any past files from the Account page (if you made an account when you purchased the kit).

If it's still lost somewhere just drop me a line or send a carrier pigeon.


How easy is it?

This kids escape room kit is perfect for 5-12 year olds. If you'd like a more challenging pack, for teenagers or yourself, check out this one.

Is it a team game?

Yes, it's a cooperative team adventure designed for up to 8 players at a kids party. The best group size is 5-6.

If you have a larger party than this simply print out 2 copies of the game and have multiple teams competing for who finishes first.

How many players?

Yes, it's a cooperative team adventure designed for up to 8 players at a kids party. The best group size is 5-6.

If you have a larger party than this simply print out 2 copies of the game and have multiple teams competing for who finishes first.

What's the content rating?


This room escape kit is designed specifically for primary school aged kids and is appropriate for everyone.

P.S. if you download the pack and find something you feel is inappropriate please let me know so I can consider changing it. Overall it's a similar maturity level to a Disney or Pixar movie.


How much space is needed?

If you're super tight on space just play the escape room at a table like a board game.

The additional setup steps are just there to make it cooler.

Customization & Props

Can I change the game?

You sure can Mr Game Designer! There's an editable PowerPoint template, that comes with the game, and allows you to change anything you like!

Here's a quick video showing you how to change customize the DIY game however you like. It walks you through using the template from Escape Room Z (an adults kit), but it's the exact same process for Escape Quest.

How to edit the Heist Party escape room kits

Can I use real props in place of the printed ones?

Sure can!

The detailed setup guide contains optional substitutions for the puzzles and clues. For example, one of the puzzles takes you to a website where you enter a passcode for a safe - you can be super stylish and replace this with an actual safe!

Additionally, you can edit the game in the PowerPoint template to customize whatever you like. Just watch the video below for instructions. It walks you through using the template from Escape Room Z (an adults kit), but it's the exact same process for Escape Quest.

How to edit the Heist Party escape room kits

Refunds and all the legal Jazz

Can I get a refund?

If you didn't get what you paid for you should get paid back!

Just drop me an email and I'll refund 100% back to you (Seriously I just send the cash back with an email similar to this):

A book code example

Can I share the kit with friends?

For sure! Pass it round. Share the love. Go for it.

I only ask that you don't sell the pack for profit or upload the digital files anywhere for file sharing. Basically, it's a payload of work to build an epic Escape Game like this and buying the pack allows me to keep making more of them sustainably.

If you're not sure about anything just drop be a line with your question and I'll definitely get back to you.

Can I sell it?

There are 3 ways you can make $$ from these epic escape rooms:

  • Design and sell your own through the online store.
  • Customize an existing pack and sell through the online store. For example, translating it into french and simplifying the puzzles to make it useable at a kids party.
  • Sell the packs through your own website using affiliate links. This is super simple as all you need is a custom affiliate link, that I'll generate for you, and you're ready to start selling!

If you'd like to have a chat about any of these just drop me a line.

What can't I do with it?

Short version:

Good panda: Sharing it with a handful of friends for free.

Bad panda: Sharing it with lots of people or making $$.

Long version:

  • Avoid reselling a pack for $$.
  • Please don't upload a pack to a file sharing platform.
  • Edit the pack and claim it as your own (just drop be an email below if you'd like the builders kit to make your own and sell it through the store).
Copyright release form

Here's the full copyright release form. Summary of what you're welcome to use the DIY pack for:

  • Print the pack as photos at Walmart, Officeworks or any other photo printing place. One customer was refused printing because the store manager thought the pack looked too professional and that there must be a copyright issue. I only know of it happening once but if it does just show them this answer on your phone.
  • Print the pack as photos on your own/friends/works printer.
  • Share the printed pack with friends. I'm even happy for you to email the digital files to friends, so they can enjoy it, just avoid uploading to a file sharing site.