DIY Escape Room.

Created By You.

Everything You Need To Design And Run Your 1st Escape Room Party With Friends.

Download an Escape Room Kit

Designing your 1st escape room is super fun but also a lot of work. Save time by downloading one of these ready to play kits.

When you hit download you'll get a stack of Puzzle Cards that can be printed at any office store as standard sized photos. This makes them look super stylish.

Then it's time to invite some mates around, crack open the drink and nibbles, and get your escape on!

Escape Room Z thumbnail texture

A humorous zombie themed escape room kit that transforms your home into an Arggh-venture!

GTA escape room download tmb.

This teens escape game is set in the near future and sends you on a treasonous mission!

Escape Quest - an easy kids escape room tmb.

Make your next kids party an escape room adventure! This game kit has everything you need. ????

Or design Your own From Scratch

DIY escape room kit

If you'd prefer to create every amazing detail of your escape game yourself check out my Blueprint for crafting your 1st escape room. It steps you through choosing a theme, selecting puzzles, as well as bringing it all together for an epic challenge with friends and family.

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Learning Critical Thinking Through Escape Rooms.

Major Rex Thomen Walks Us Through How He's Using Escape Rooms To Explore Critical Thinking At Military College.

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